Shared Ride Shuttle

Ride in comfort and with all the amenities you’d expect traveling business class on a major airline. Wifi, in seat power for your laptop and phone, TV, ample luggage space, car seats if you need. All at a price that won’t break the bank.

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If you are looking for private charter services, please visit Eight Black Executive Transport.

Why Choose Us

  1. All our vehicles are meticulously maintained. You can ask to inspect any of our service records (Mercedes advises that a Sprinter can travel 20,000 miles between oil changes. We disagree. Our Sprinter has its oil changed every 5,000 miles. We only use synthetic Mobil 1, and we change oil and fuel filters every oil change. Cabin air filters are changed even more frequently)
  2. We run Blizzak Winter Tires on EVERY vehicle we operate in the winter. No exceptions
  3. All our vehicles have ceramic window tint, ensuring maximum UV protection, maximum privacy and maximum heat reduction
  4. All vehicles have onboard first aid kits and fire extinguishers
  5. All our drivers hold current First Aid certification
  6.  We are a local Longmont company dedicated to serving the community in which we live.

To book any of the above services, simply call us on (720) 223 5474, click on the booking link, or send us an email.

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